Saturday, January 21, 2012

Isn't life just the worst?

So blah blah I'm busy blah lots of negativity in life blah and so forth. So yeah, don't feel like doing much sims stuff because sadness makes me crave violent games. Populating my town and eventually writing the story I was planning to go with it will take even longer now, and I have that makeover of one of Aoxac's sims to do. I'll get to that eventually when I can stand to. But yesterday I did write a random short story for one of my slaves best buddy so I'll just post that here to leave some type of story.

      She used to smile. She was so goofy, it made everyone around her smile too. So fabulous too, she really was inviting it. And I know it was wrong but... I was kind of hoping for it. I wouldn't if I knew what it would turn her into! Her fashion is gone, sweats everyday. Before she would draw so much, so well, but now everything amounts to apathetic scribbles. Worst of all though, the light has left her eyes. I saw the moment it left.
       She was walking down the hall after school. The place was empty, I was leaning in a doorway waiting for a friend. Mr. Hall I think his name was, a substitute teacher, well he came walking out his classroom. His eyes foretold what would happen and dear God, I wanted it. He quickened his pace to catch up with her, engaged her in idle chatter about class. She was obviously awkward; it made it so much better. He said there was a spot on her shirt and reached for her. She tried to brush him off. So futile. She always was weak, one thing that never changed about her. Subtlility was over. He shoved her into the lockers, ripped off her clothes. I just watched. Dear God I just watched! I enjoyed it in fact! Entranced till the last second. When he was satisfied he composed himself and just left.

       She never smiled again.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

These people live here yo

Alrigghhhttttttttt first post that has some type of actual content. I'm still working on slowly but steadily populating Glendalough, so here are a couple crappy quick pics I took when moving people in. I also have a habit of forgetting everyone's names.

This is a prostitute newly turned into a vampire. With her immortality she could do anything, but this lifestyle is all she currently knows. Plus the whole vampire thing is a great gimmick to lure in new customers who want a taste of the dark side. This chick is okay I guess but I LOVE the guy who turned her, I wish I had a picture of his fabulous over dramatic self. Oh well, saving the best for later I suppose.

I don't very much like this lady. She's stuck in the past of her family's glory. Her family was always involved in politics so now she is running for control of the town. She is the last of her family line, no one could stand to marry her. She lives alone in her big house passed down through the generations with a bunch of pets and her butler.

The sister of one of the teenage girls from the best friends sets. She's cool and bookwormy.
I like this guy. He moved to Glendalough with 2 of his best friends because one of them had a job opportunity there. The drabness of the place made him go crazy though, so now he hates the friend that made him move and the other friend is stuck in the middle of this conflict. But this guy is just entertaining.
She lives with her band mates and plays the guitar. Still don't have much a back story on her.
2 adorable dogs belonging to 2 sets of best friends living together.
One of the sets of best friends that live together. 2 teen girls that moved to Glendalough with their newly graduated sisters. 

About my sims

Feeling awkward here
So I like the variety that comes from downloading other people's sims, and I think most of the sims I'm using for Glendalough are actually downloaded, so if there is a sim that strikes anyones fancy then leave a comment and I can pretty much remember where I got most of them. I do give makeovers to them though so the clothes and such will be different along with sometimes slight facial tweaks. So yeah. And now an actual post in a little.

Monday, January 16, 2012

For the very first time~

Me in countdown 3... 2.... 1....
Woooooooooooooo first post! Yeah now to post some stuff! Except I have nothing to post right now. Hmm. I guess I should say what this blog will be about. Sooooooo I'll be posting whatever sims pictures I take, and I'm working on populating Glenadalough, so I'll have a story and pictures to go with that. That's it I think. So please comment on mah posts when I actually get around to making a real one! And now to sleep because making a blog right before I planned to go to bed was a bad idea.