Saturday, February 11, 2012

Miss Murder

Ok, felt like playing the sims today and now I have a sim for download! Her name is Maria, no last name because it was hard enough coming up with a first. Let's just go with Maria the Murderer because this chick is pure homicide crazy. I have 2 versions of her for download, one with all base game clothes and one with a CC'd up everyday outfit. Download whichever strikes you as being more stabby. And now for pictures!

The chick from this picture. Yeah, pink and long hair did not sit well with her. She killed her stylist shortly after.

CC needed
Regular Mascara from World Adventures
Shorts  Candy Lover no longer has her files up for download, sorry!
No clip Hair
Lipstick it's one of those lipsticks, can't remember which
Eyebrows from god knows where

One more thing, you might want this mod or this mod to go with her. Now supply her with plenty of red lipstick and crazy mascara and watch as your town population drops.


  1. Cool sim. I love the way her eyes look and she has such a cute mouth.

  2. Thanks Sackgirl! Her eyes are actually my favorite feature, I made her eyes first and worked on the rest of her from there.